Ternes Burton Registration Pins 0.120

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Pair of registration pins 6.3mm x 3.05mm (0.25" x 0.12")

Ternes Burton Register Pins are precision machined buttons spot welded to a stainless steel base. They are commonly used to align layers of paper while printmaking using linoleum or wood blocks. These pins enable tight registration on complicated multi colour projects. The register pins work with either the stripping tabs, or can be inserted directly through the holes made by a punch. The button height depends upon the number of layers, as well as the thickness of layers being attached to the pin.

Ternes Burton Registration Pins round raised button has a diameter of 6.3mm and has two heights available.
1.3mm (0.055")
2.16mm (0.120")

Dimensions: 0 cm × 0 cm × 0 cm
Weight: 0.09 kg
Price: £7.00
(£8.40 VAT incl)
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