Swiss Cutting Tool

Swiss Cutting Tool
919 4mm Large V Gouge
913 4mm Large V Gouge (bent)
907 6mm Medium Shallow Gouge
908 10mm Large Shallow Gouge
905 3mm Small Shallow Gouge
909 5mm Large U Gouge
910 1mm Fine U Gouge
911 3mm Medium U Gouge
912 1mm Fine V Gouge
936 2mm Medium V Gouge
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The Swiss Cutting Tools are beautifully honed mushroom handle tools made from pearwood. These tools can be used for lino, vinyl and wood and are of high quality, precisely ground and polished. All tools are forged from steel which guarantees high strength and a razor sharp cut. Handles are used from local Swiss woods and are treated with solvent-free vegetable oil.

A set of 6 Swiss Cutting Tools are also available.

Dimensions: 0 cm × 0 cm × 0 cm
Weight: 0.25 kg
Price: £17.95
(£21.54 VAT incl)
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