Flexcut Beginners 2 Blade Craft Carver Set with Slipstrop

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The Flexcut Beginner 2 Blade Craft Carver Set has everything needed to tackle a first time project. It comes with two carving blades - a V-Tool and a gouge - plus an interchangeable handle. It has a basswood block for the leaf carving project and a second blank for practising cuts. There is also a project DVD with step-by-step visual instructions as well as a 24-page owner's manual that outlines the leaf project and provides maintenance and safety tips for beginners. This set also comes with a Slipstrop for sharpening the tools.

This is an affordable set for beginners and those who want to give woodcarving a try.

Tools include: 6mm V and 8mm U

Dimensions: 0 cm × 0 cm × 0 cm
Weight: 1 kg
Price: £29.72
(£35.66 VAT incl)

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