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Price: £15.75
Swiss Cutting Tool

Beautifully honed mushroom handle tools

Please select one of the 11 Options
918 0.5mm Extra Fine U Gouge
910 1mm Fine U Gouge
911 3mm Medium U Gouge
909 5mm Large U Gouge
912 1mm Fine V Gouge
936 2mm Medium V Gouge
919 4mm Large V Gouge
913 4mm Large V Gouge (bent)
905 3mm Small Shallow Gouge
907 6mm Medium Shallow Gouge
908 10mm Large Shallow Gouge
(£105.60 VAT incl)
Price: £88.00
Set of 6 Swiss Cutting Tools

Beautifully honed mushroom handle tools in a range of U V and sweep gouge cutting ends.
Full Set of Six Tools No 905 907 908 909 910 and 912

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