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by Gill Saunders & Rosie Miles

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by Dianne Longley

This book describes photopolymer plates and their uses, details the process illustrating each step and also lists support information such as materials and suppliers (mainly Australian). Photopolymer printmaking is easy to learn while being remarkably flexible as a printmaking medium.

The book covers a diverse range of applications for photopolymer printmaking. Many types of photopolymer prints are illustrated and captions supply information about how the images were produced.

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by Angela Geary

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by Rebecca Salter

Approaching the subject as an artist rather than a print scholar, Rebecca Salter focuses on the craftsmen and the complex visual culture within which they worked. Through information gained from interviews with some of the remaining practitioners and analysis of the objects themselves, she builds up a picture of the quiet role woodblock played in the lives of the Japanese as they moved from the isolation of the Edo period to embrace modernization in the early twentieth century.

This book is a fascinating exploration of this area of cultural history and the numerous color illustrations encourage a playful investigation of the many threads of Japan's visual culture.

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Silvie Turner

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by Richard Noyce

Printmaking at the Edge explores the innovative techniques printmakers are using today. The topics covered range from the challenges of new technology and materials (for example, the latest high-tech plates and speciality papers and inks) to the persistence of traditional techniques and the new directions they are taking (for example, digital techniques being used with silkscreen and wood engraving).

A wide variety of approaches to the process and content of printmaking are dealt with and in addition there is a study of some of the roles of printmaking within contemporary visual art.

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